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Home of El Chorro's most famous routes. The Makinodromo is the most impressife clive in El Chorro, with Lourdes being one of Europe's
best hard routes. Many climber travel to El Chorro just to climb this route.
However Makinodromo is also wrongly tough to be Lourdes and a few 8c's. But the wall right to the main cave contains some brilliant routes in the 6c to 7b range.



Ted Roberts in Hakuna Matata 7a+ Ted climbing Atlas shriked 7c+


1. Hakuna Matata, Sport, 7a+  >30m 2. Al Hauira, Sport, 7a+  share some holds with hakuna matata 3. Las loi laufen, Sport, 7b  4. Salida d'emergencia, Sport, 6c,  hard crux second pitch is 7b+ 5. Sarna, Sport, 7a+ 6. Mystic Rythm, Sport, 6b+  7. La Panda Zampabollos, Sport, 7b  New start for rythm method 8. Rythm Method, Sport, 7b  9. Estoy Mortimer, Sport, 7b+  10. La puta valla, Sport, 7c  11. La columna de gollum, Sport, 7b  12. Life is sweet, Sport, 6c  >30m 13. Osama in the sky, Sport, 7b 14. Kolocotron, Sport, 7a+  15. Apache, Sport, 7a+  16. Obama in the withehouse, Sport, 6b+

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