Tibetan Bridge El Chorro Ferrata

Via Ferrata El Chorro

since May 2017 a new via ferrata has been mounted in El Chorro. It is a fantastic airy 4h trip with a zip line and two Tibetan bridges. Medium difficulties. 


3h to 4h (avoid mid day in summer)


Make sur to bring a proper via ferrata kit with 2 slings containing dissipator and carabiners, helmet, harness, tandem pulley for steel cable, gloves and 50m rope with descenders if you want to abseil the last part. We do rent the full kit at the finca.


You can park just below the entrance driving a 4x4 or any car with a bit of clearance. Follow the street from the station bar towards the village and turn left at the old carbide fabric. The piste follows the top part of the camping and ends at the Albercones climbing sector in between to railway tunnels.

Climb a little path above the left tunnel following a small water stream. The ferrata starts to the left of the climbing route Oceano gris sector Albercones.

via ferrata El Chorro description:

The start of the ferrata is steep, climb up the steel bars for aprox. 20m crossing a little overhang. 

You arrive at a terrace and it eases out. Follow the gulley with some steeper steps for another 80m. Be aware of some loose rocks.

The next part is steep trough some orange rocks with tufa formations until you come to a small ledge with a zip line towards the other end of the gulley.

The zip line is 25m long and you will need a tandem pulley for steel cable 13mm.

Climb higher up following the iron rungs (stemples). Here you will need a good head for hights. At the terrace follow the cable on a less steep part until you come to the start of the first Tibetan bridge with joins two peaks at the top ridge of the Frontales wall. Followed by another climb to a even higher spur or pinnacle. A little descent will lead you to a very airy second Tibetan bridge.

You are at the highest point and this is where the descent starts. You basicaly follow a steel cable all the way down, crossing over and down climb some steep gulley's. At a certain point almost at the ground you will have to climb up a steep ramp still following the steel cable. This is where you come to the last bit where you can either down climb the stemples or abseil aprox. 25m.This is the end of the ferrata

Follow a narrow little trail towards a well with natural spring water. (fountain). The trail goes left steep downwards to the bottom of the ravine. Down climb the ravine for 15m and look for a trail on your right, crossing the ravine and heading towards a habited cave. Follow the path heading towards the left side of railway bridge. Just before the rails the path goes left steep down and crosses the bridge underneath.

Go to the church and look for some steps on the left side of the main building leading you up back to the entrance and the Albercones car park.


Please ask us  for guided trips at info@fincalacampana.

Guided trip is 55€ per person

Rental price for the via ferrata kit is 20€  (includes dissipator and carabiners, helmet, harness, tandem pulley for steel cable)

Rental price for dissipator and tandem pulley 15€

only tandem pulley 5€


We often see groups sharing one pulley for the zip line. This habit unfortunately takes a long time and provokes huge cues. Please consider for fairness to the other to use a pulley per person.




Contact us

  • Finca La Campana El Chorro
  • Phone: +34 626 963 942

Contact us

  • Finca La Campana El Chorro
  • Phone: +34 626 963 942